by Slow Knife

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released October 31, 2012

Recorded in the Summer of 2012 by Thomas Fowler
All lyrics written by Kevin Oxley



all rights reserved


Slow Knife New Jersey

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Track Name: WHITE
Pestilence is here, hide behind your barred doors
Bodies line the village roads, dead carts overflow
Repent and pray is the only way says the church to save your soul
Doctors masked like birds, overwhelmed at every turn
Repent and pray is the only way says the church to save your soul
Track Name: RED
The thunder of hooves rises with every breath, tools fall from hands as panic spreads
Making for shelter chaos ensues, neighbor shoves neighbor through the fields
Once they’re upon us there’s no turning back, grab what you can, fight off the attack
Flames soon engulf all we have known, the life we’ve lived turned to cinder and stone
Help will not come, the landlord’s nowhere in sight
The fire soon spreads as more torches alight
Horse glows red as it’s galloping towards me
Thoughts race through my mind as the sword swings towards my head
Track Name: BLACK
Fighting an enemy that we can’t even see
Rations running low, as is all our hope
Soon there are more mouths to feed, strongest men are growing weak
The harvest is a disappointment, soil’s too wet to even replant
Can’t hold out on meager portion, young, old, sick are first to fall
Day by day
Can’t hold out on meager portions, bones try to push their way right through flesh
Day after day, weight slips away
Night after night, dreams of just one bite
Day by day, the scales are weighed
Night after night, famine digs more graves
Track Name: PALE
They say death takes you to a better place
I doubt those words can be trusted at all
Since I saw my loved ones perish and die
It seems like it’s just the fucking end
Ever since I was a little boy, I was taught to have faith in an after life
As I grew I began to question whether this made any sort of sense
Well I’ve come up with my answers, they are all just full of shit
How can they tell me with a straight face that the soul lives on after death
These teachings are just a tool to keep us all in line
Passed down by the supposed godly and divine
Everything after death is unknown, but we all must pass through that threshold
The world is one giant sepulcher, rotating through a godless universe